Movin' in Green - Frogbox

One of the many challenges during a real estate transaction is the knowledge that what we do, the business we generate ( the transactions, the proccessing of information ie. delivery of couriered legal documents...etc) and the movement of our clients, impacts our environment - often in a subtle and negative way.

For instance -the moving process - moving trucks (large and small - rental or owned) are used to go from one location to another. Friends and family may lend a hand which may include many different sizes and types of vehicles. Some not so eco-friendly.... often these moves can be across long distances.

It's great to find new and innovative businesses who look at these challenges as opportunities and take it one step further by realizing they can create a 'green' business and also generate funds to help a cause. One such business is

They service the Vancouver, Seattle and Toronto areas and provide a low environmental impact alternative to cardboard boxes by using use eco-friendly, reusable plastic moving boxes .... they rent them out.
Rather than try and find enough cardboard boxes (often of many different sizes and shapes) to pack, these are all of equal size and shape ....... very simple and delivered to your door.

So they provide a reusable product for moving families and take it a step further. 1% of their gross revenue is given back to frog habitat...... brilliant!

Check 'em out ..... my business has no affiliation with them..... I'm just always looking for new ways my clients (and myself) can do this business in a more positive way.


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