Cooking Class...?, ok...

Both myself and my wife (from this point forward to be referred to as Liane) attended a cooking class at Well Seasoned on the by-pass Tues night.
Given a gift certificate for her birthday, Liane asked me to go with her..... with a tentative "sure" and not really knowing what I was getting into we booked. Just so happens the class would be Halibut dishes with Karen Barnaby, the executive chef from The Fish House in Stanley Park and we had just ordered a full Halibut from 1 Fish 2 Fish in downtown Langley City.

What a great time.
The food was excellent, the wine a perfect match and interacting and discussing many different topics with a top west coast chef, some a little "weird" (as Karen would say) and some a little out of the ordinary, only added to a great night.

A 'little out of the ordinary" as when Rhue (hope that's correct spelling) Karen's apprentice described some traditional Korean food specialties. Something about small swimming fish and tofu and a little story about boiling water, a fish and a slow sleepy death.
I thought it was fascinating, Karen said it was a "little weird". Just a part of the banter over the cooking area while we watched the chef do her magic and we the audience get to enjoy the final benefit.

Will be back for more.


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