a new way of thinking.....

Watching the world wide credit crisis from a Canadian perspective and sitting right in the middle of one of the industries directly impacted from this mess, I am now of the opinion we are in the very front of a shift and/or change in western society.

A shift : how we shop, what our expectations are, what our priorities are....a higher expectation of quality, a search for a deeper meaning to our day to day actions.

The so-called financial leaders in the U.S. have been exposed for the charlatans they are. We are now told daily of the impending economic doom worldwide. This coming from 'experts' and other 'leaders' who only months ago told us not to worry.....

My question is: if these economists, bankers, worldleaders and other 'experts' are so sure as to where we are heading now, why did they not stand up 18 months ago and warn the world where we were heading in a few short months. How can we now look to them for guidance to steer us in the right direction when their policies helped us to get where we are today?

Listening to the pundits do their punditing ;-) it's easy to carry the heavy weight of the daily economic news on ones shoulders. However, hidden within the stories and underneath the headlines you can often find a more optimistic outlook....even without the proverbial rose coloured glasses.

And by nature, that is the path I choose to follow:

Everything is under examination, and many of the rules that guided business for a century will give way to new, as yet undefined, rules. This transformation is largely based on innovative thinking, particularly in business models, marketing and financing. Despite the common belief the innovation process involves huge university research labs, well-funded research and development departments, and armies of PhDs to design and deliver innovation systems, this is where the real creative thinking is.

Advice: Get ready for a new way of thinking - Financial Post


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