"Seriously .........how much is it worth?"

In the Real Estate industry, the concept of value is vague. The value of a house, land or strata property often fluctuates, based on many situations, such as an ever-changing market condition, the condition of the home, and the cost(s) associated with owning....etc.....

For that reason, it's difficult to answer the question, "How much is it worth?" 

There is one certainty, however. 
The answer to true value does not lie in how much the seller wants for his or her home. 
In fact, the listing price of a home sometimes has nothing to do with its market value. 

It's what the buyer is willing to pay ..... kinda simple... but in actual fact....not

I sometimes call pricing an in-exact science. My clients and I will come to an agreed-to price based on a number of factors, including comparable sales in the area in a certain time-frame, the current market (that's where having a professional Realtor represent you who 'lives' in the business .... it's not a "hobby"), a good understanding of what the Buyers in the market are looking for at the time .... and a whole lot more.....

One thing I will say ... do your research. Get a team to help you through this sometimes complex legal process. .... ask lots of questions.... and make sure who ever is working for you is there to answer your questions and if you don't understand, ask again

Communication is Vital.....cheers and peace.
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