Save some $$ on your Energy Bill .....

Inexpensive ways to reduce your energy bill

You could get upgraded insulation installed in all the walls of your home, or 
buy a new high-efficiency furnace and air conditioner. These improvements 
would certainly reduce your energy costs – but they each require a 
significant investment.

What if you don't have the budget? 

There are a lot of little things you can do to make a big difference in your 
heating or cooling bill. 

Here are just a few examples:

• Turn down the thermostat a couple of degrees in winter. (And turn it 
up a few notches in summer.) Chances are, you'll hardly notice the 
difference in comfort, and you'll cut your heating/cooling costs by 
about 5%. 

• Do you need the air conditioner on all the time during the summer 
months? Consider turning it way up, or completely off, at night when 
it's cooler outside. 

• Invest in a programmable thermostat. That way, you'll be able to set 
up a schedule that uses less heating/cooling energy while you’re out 
of the house.

• Let the sunshine in through windows in the winter (and block the sun 
where possible in the summer.) "Passive heat gain" can contribute to 
up to 20% of the heat in your home. Best of all, the sun is free.

• Use energy efficient lights throughout your home. These can cut the 
cost of lighting by up to 40%!

• Be careful with outside lights, which can use a lot of energy! Turn 
them off before you go to bed or, better still, use programmable 
outside lighting that can be set to turn off automatically.

• These are just a few ideas for reducing your energy bill. If you do 
some research, you can probably discover many other ways to cut 
your costs. It's worth the effort!


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