Real Estate ~ Photos - a different perspective

It's almost a daily event now. Searching on a modern widescreen monitor or on a visually sharp smart-phone I am amazed at the lack of quality and professionalism in some of the photo's and visual snapshots of homes being listed.

Our senses are extremely powerful. The sense of smell and visual sense may even top that list.

Why allow your home and possibly largest asset to be marketed with a grainy, dark, unappealing visual presentation? Lighting, postitioning and the presentation on multiple web sites

We will often take a quick snapshot of our clients homes and drop them into Facebook or Twitter as 'teasers', however we make sure for the 'Marketing Show' our clients homes are given the best treatment possible.


Honestly, I prefer to use the Internet to find a listing of homes for sale, rather than traveling to each house, wasting time when I can view all of the listings I want from the Internet quick and easy.

If I like a house, I'll then visit it to check it out.

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