Summertime .... and sometimes the blogging is slowwww

It seems with the hot weather we've been having, working on a number of business projects and contrary to all media reports, finding myself in a busy market my blogging has been lacking as of late.

This blog site is due for a few changes and we are working on a number of ideas..... however this is my question to you:

"what would you like to see on the 'aLive in Langley' blog?" .... or even better, what appeals to you in a community/business blog?

More Real Estate info? ..... more community stories?...... more pictures? ...etc.

The new media formats ( facebook, twitter, blogging etc) in my opinion have no boundaries other than personal.
The box is open and there are no walls..... which is why some of our traditional media are not too happy with these changes. .... the power is in the consumer - you.

drop me an email at :

or leave a comment here................... or don't ;-) I will just continue onward.



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