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If you're in a position to buy, falling prices are a blessing: Real Estate - Bringing Down the House

"Am I going to be okay?"
"It's a question almost every Canadian is asking now that the terrible autumn of 2008 has become the winter of our discontent. Yet when people ask Lovett-Reid whether they're going to be okay, she's usually encouraging. No one should minimize the difficulties that families will face in the months ahead, but a recession provides a much-needed call to action that will spur people to ask themselves tough questions about what they really want in life." - FP Feb 2009
Don't Look Back ; Financial Post Feb 2, 2009

"In today’s financial literature, a distinction is often made between “good debt” and “bad debt,” and although my preference is for no debt, this is a good time for us all to consider our own feelings about debt and our “payback” strategies.

Good debt is the debt you incur to purchase an asset, like a house or investments. And ideally these are appreciating assets over the long run. So while a car loan has an asset attached to it, it is depreciating, so something to be cautious about." FP - Feb 2009
Debt: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


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