It's been a little quiet from this perspective from mid Jan up to now and I thought I would share these thoughts.

My family lost 3 loved ones this past month. All were sudden and separate incidents and each was a person who touched many their own way.

A loved ones' passing gives one pause to reflect (I know ....what a cliche...but.....) upon that which we have and should appreciate. For this moment is but a moment and when it is gone.......

One helped to bring in a member to the family, one was a large piece and a rock to the family (with a twinkle of the eye and a caustic sense of humour....) and one lived a full 98 1/2 years young and saw her family grow into a large, boisturous, full of laughter, tears, happiness, love and sadness and one which should not be filled with any regret. A true leader of the pack, full of class, intelligence, style and curiosity.

Much loved and much missed but never to be forgotten....the tale continues......


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